Dahl(11,503). Linde translates limetree in english but is not linked to the lime fruit but to linden. (Retrieved 2014, April 9) . Most of the questions Ove is given name, not a surname. Per research, Ive found ancestors named Schiette as well as a shield with that name, circa 1500s. I know bakvant means backward. Mathew is a British (og litt Norsk) guy living in Stavanger, Norway. Or it was the other way round. The name Jrgensen was the first name in the list to contain one of the three special characters , and from the Norwegian alphabet. My maternal grandmothers surname was Barsten from area Trondheim, and maternal grandfather it is said was also Barsten but from Oslo area and chngd to Olson when he came to the states. The most widespread names in Norway even today are Berg (mountain or outcropping), Haug (hillock), Hagen (outfield) and Dal (valley). of birth may vary widely in different sources. Im quite a ways down in the tree. One of my great grandfathers was Norwegian. My surname is Gundersen, which literally means son of Gunder. His parents came from Norway. My grandfathers name was Nils Gismervik from the Rogaland area of Norway. I think it was possibly changed from something else way back. They had three children. My grandfather, Olaf, told our family that his fathers original surname was Rasmussen and he changed it when he came to the US. Norway is not alone in their patronymic naming history, two Scandinavian neighbours, Denmark and Sweden, also use this type of naming. So little is known of my grandfathers lineage. @Asbjrn aye sililar names mines sbjrn. Overby was the farm where he was born. The familys greater presence started in Stavanger Which apparently means overhanging mountain of a sacrificial site. Irish Coat of Arms Green Wine Glasses - Set of 4 (Sand Etched) $69.95 Sexton. He quoted one Norwegian immigrant who said the immigration office couldnt get his accent and mistook his name with his Norwegian home town and said is this your family name? The Norwegian said he quickly thought ok new country new name so he accepted what the immigration official put down which was Roebeck, (The town he came from in Norway was Drobak on the Oslo fjord). Ill just say they were all descendants of Harald Fairhair and let it go at that. Is that true, and what does it mean? Female family names operate in the same way: dotter or datter meaning daughter of. But new children born in the same year only 18.4% of them had sen as a suffix. Bergit "Bessie" Hagen was born on 11 January 1879 and accompanied her parents to America in 1886. had many suitors, in the end she never married. He is a journalist, a literature student and a keen runner (amongst other things). His mother was named Mary Walker, married to another John Hayes. and that service is discussed here. But, did you know that it is actually a name of Danish origin? Eriksen(19,136)14. Sincerely yours Paul Charles Erickson. Light bulb moment for us was when we realised that 10 children in the same family might have different surnames! (Retrieved 2014, March 10) . My salvation in researching my Norwegian genealogy was a remembered remark from my cousin that our great grandfather Embret Olson was also known as Embret Overby. My grandfather came to America in 1904. They would walk the animals from the main farm in the lowlands up there to exploit the grazing resources in the mountais. of arms was made, along with who had it made, and how boastful they When they came to SA they changed our surname from Forster to Vorster and lost their inheritance many years ago. As many uneducated farmers did not know their own birthday, dates (and years!) A farmer may have had several plots of land scattered around the fjord. Yes, the Norse word for swamp is kjarr. My Maiden name is Carr. I also heard that Ove is a swedish and/or Germanic name. My Great Grand parents came from Norway, they said they were from the Fossum farm so thats what was put down as their last name. Jorgensen Family Crest 22. Her name was Helen. Prior to 1805 it was all patronymic. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Haugen surname lived. There is the town of ROA north of Oslo, and I believe the word ROA refers to a geographic location, something akin to corner or where two valleys meet. For further information on how to useresources from theThe National Library of Norway and Slekt og Data, please visit their websites. Peder O. Kolstad og Gurine Marie Sorensdtr.s barn. My mistake! I cant find any info on the surname Barkve. r = to do with a river (a stream) or rivers, probably the same origin as avon (Engl), aqua (Latin), Aue (Germ.). My maiden name is Winje, modified at Ellis Island from Vinje, a town west of Oslo? The typical 19th century Norwegian name would be composed of three parts: The given name, the patronymic and the farm name. Det er mange Lund-navn fra forskjellige steder i Norge Norge (Bde Lund og Lunde). Their father was Oluf Olsen and the first 4 sons took the name Olufsen. His parents were John Sivertson Berg and Oleva Berg. (Im not sure of the spelling). Danish ancestors Andersen. My grandfathers name was Erick Olsen Gjengedal. Your Own Coat of Arms Symbol, Wedding and Anniversary Metling was my mothers maiden name. Apparently, I was violent before I married. Norwegian river names often carry the last syllable -a, short for a, the river, like in Glomma, Driva, Vorma. Kristiansen(23,397)9. My Great Grandmother: Family name at birth: Thorstensen (Martha Marie) CNN Norwegian multimillionaire Tom Hagen has been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, who disappeared 18 months ago. (c. 1704) and later in Kristiansand. Lund Family Crest 25. (Retrieved 2018, February 06). Mel = flour, hus = house. If you have a particular coat of arms that you would like us to match, It is accurate to refer to a viking ship because they were used by the Norsemen for their journeys, to go a-viking in. Nilsen (34,734)8. Im in Canada. I cant figure out what this is for. In 1840 there were 18 Hagen families living in New York. http://www.yesteryears.co.nz/shipping/passlist.html, https://www.bismarck-class.dk/bismarck/crew/bismarck_crew.html#crew_details, http://www.forcez-survivors.org.uk/biographies/listprincecrew.html, http://www.rmslusitania.info/lusitania-passenger-list/, Contemporary Notables of the name Hagen (post 1700), Johann Hagen, who landed in Georgia in 1739, John Hagen, who arrived in Georgia in 1740, Nicklaus P Hagen, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1750, Wolfgang Joh Hagen, who landed in Pennsylvania in 1750, Joh Daniel Hagen, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1753, J J Hagen, who landed in Pennsylvania in 1804, Andrew Hagen, aged 25, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1812, H Von Hagen, who landed in North America in 1832-1849, Valentine Hagen, who landed in Allegany (Allegheny) County, Pennsylvania in 1838, Michael Hagen, aged 25, who arrived in Missouri in 1840, John Hagen, aged 21, a labourer, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick aboard the ship "Cupid" in 1834, John Hagen, aged 25, a farm servant, who arrived in, Miss Caroline H Hagen, (b. 1. "Most Common Last Names in Netherlands." (Retrieved 2010, November 5), South Australian Register Tuesday 11 January 1853. His dad is a mystery. The 20 most common surnames in that list from 2015, are mostly ending in sen, patronymic names. I have some information but interested in hearing your From Vesteralen. Thanks so much! Johannessen Family Crest 18. I was told that the name was derived from a mountain somewhere in Norway. Fascinating reading! The principal cities are Amsterdam, Haarlem and Hilversum. Compound names, like vreberg (Upper Berg) or Djupdal (Deep Valley), continue to be common. The th sound is notoriously difficult for Norwegians to pronounce though, so often its just pronounced as a d instead. Johannessen (13,286) 18. Some less common occupations for Americans named Hagen were Farm Laborer and Housekeeper. In Norway there were many small plots of land on the various sides of the fjords. My fathers family name is Fagerholt. Brilliant article. The constant misnaming of Norsemen as Vikings makes me crazy. Fossum, outside of Olso I believe. So I'd say aquarian serpent is also an accurate translation. Pettersen(20,101)13. It is interesting the way names change. How about Reierson? just because their surname is the same or they come from the same country. USA 100% Stay updated on Ireland and your regions of origin with our recommended newspaper, The Business Post. Anne, I believe we are definitely related, as my grandmothers brothers worked in the Kongsberg mines. Some one that sowed the seeds on the farm. My dads mom is a Nesseth. The family crest isn't really a "dragon" per se. His first name was johan (John). Hagen(14,073)17. Topogenic? But, it also showed on the same 1910 Census, where her parents were born in Norway, so that is where my Norwegian comes from, I assume. My great-great grandfathers surname seems to have changed from Torgerson to Thompson upon arrival from Norway in America. In the United States, the name Hansen is the 222 nd most popular surname with an estimated 116,889 people with that name. We went to Norway about 15 years ago and found the landscape to be beautiful. Johnsen(20,650)12. However, in Canada, the name Hansen is ranked the 323 rd most popular surname with an estimated 13,858 people with that name. . I recently learned the people who could write, wrote their own names so they probably were not Americanized by Americans. My name, Eiken, did not appear on the list, the family come from Ulsteinvik, and can be traced back to a very small island, Eikoya where my great grandfather lived in the late 1800s early 1900s, before moving to Ulstienvik. Depending where you come from it is possible we are related. Surname is Rasmussen. There are rarely sudden shifts in the lists compiled, generally then fluctuate steadily. from, or even a description of a person, along with several other origin My last name is Askildsen, (son of a guy whose first name was Askild?). The other side is Braaten and supposedly out of Oslo. I knew Linder had to do with a lime tree but found it an odd name for Swedish. Does anyone know what Kneastang means? They often offer some clues on a persons birthplace or -date, which may help you to locate them in the church records. Both parents passed away and family came to raise the children and care for their farm. smith and so on. Those trees are common in Northern Europe, whereas lime trees of course are not. The only way to be His fathers name was Daniel Smith Sundbo born in Norway and moved to Canada in early 1900s. My own grandfather could not pronounce the th sound. My fathers name was Selmer Elvin SUNDBO. any ideas which it is. Hi. Please let me know before I go there next year 2022 to Norway. The following information from the National Library of Norway, the National Archives of Norway and Slekt og Data, the largest genealogy association in Norway, will walk you through the available resources and how to get the most out of them. My husbands family name is Lenhartzen and his parents were both born in Oslo. For example, if your father was called Johan then your surname might become Johansdotter Johans daughter. The most Haugen families were found in USA in 1920. I found a death certificate for Tomas and his fathers name was Swenum Stoli. I think one of my ancestors changed their name to Myhre but dont know the origin of the name. Do you know about this name? My 4th great grandmothers surname was Lyse which I took to be a variation of the English Lees. Swedish names also use suffix son sson. My maiden name is Areklett. My maiden name is Kalsem, commonly spelled, I am told in Norway as Kalsheim. I cant find any information about her either. ( In Canada I go by Trudy as Turid pronunciation is not complimentary lol ). Johansson (251,495)3. Would anyone know the origin or meaning of Fagerholt? I am not sure if the two are the same, or how that comes into play. All information indicates Mary Walker was born in Norway. Thanks for posting. So the further back I go the more Nowegian I am. My grandfather is Faltin Kalsheim, from Rogaland Norway. Norwegians have always loved keeping records, and chances are good that youll find the exact name, age and occupation of your Norwegian ancestors going back centuries. What might the village books reveal? Consequently, Peder Johnsen is the son of John. Seeking information on paternal relative John Hayes (the younger). So next time you read an Ibsen text or watch an Ibsen play just think son of Jacob. My Great Grandfather Andrew Olson Kneastang came to the U.S. from Ringerike in the 1860s When he arrived in the U.S. he used Olson as his last name. Im trying to find out why they took the surname of Barkve. Censuses of 1801, 1865, 1875, 1891, 1900 and 1910 are available online along with older lists of males back to 1664: www.digitalarkivet.no/en/. 26,657 Hagen members around the world. The Hagen family had said it had received demands for ransom to secure her release - reported by Norwegian media to amount to some $10 million in a cryptocurrency known as Monero. Based in Trondheim, we are Norway's English language publishing company. Hi my surname did not appear on your list.Sivertsen I thought would be very common. People would also include a farm name. Eriksson (147,514). Could mean a lot of meadows, My great grandmothers maiden name was Thompson it was different in Norway they changed it to Thompson when they came to America in the early 1900. In some names the r- can mean alder (lat. This was about 38% of all the recorded Haugen's in USA. The spelling varied a bit over the years, but we found census and church records back to about 1750. Dahl (11,503) - 21. My grandfather came from Trondheim Name Olof Gabrielsen ( youngest son ) he arrived in NZ ( around 1920s ) sailor , I stumbled on to this article by inserting surnames which has been of great reading for me , thanks to those who have been writing their questions and answers ( Jim Brooking ). The brothers all went to an engineering school in southern Norway before immigrating to Buffalo, New York. Bjerke means a birch tree. Hi our grandmothers maiden name was norvock her father was from Norway Fredrick Norvock is this the correct spelling. The cousins I was fortunate to know have now passed so there is no contact. He dropped Olson, likely in Minnesota as this is where they first arrived and lived until claiming land in alberta, canada. Jensen(254,675)3. Very interesting! I have 17% Scandinavian ancestry with the rest English. We know it was steeper terrain since my grandfather always talked about how the cows had shorter legs on one side so they could stand on the hillside. They may also contain the names of peoples parents and their homestead, and even godparents or witnesses, revealing other branches of the family. Two Petersons are therefore not necessarily related, they both just happened to have a father named Peter. Approximately 1904-06 an operation gave him sight and he was allowed to enter US. Are these names common to Denmark and Norway? Until I am, I would like to gather a little bit of information to be able to take the research further. Paternal grandmother is Svensen Eglun. Common family crests include a lion, cross, tiger, or horse, but there are many others out there. Before 1923, family names were often formed from place names, toponyms, and were also commonly derived from farm names. My husbands surname is Mossum. I seem to be descended from a mariner named William Clemsted. However, the Ch and ph were an Americanization that occurred when my grandfather came to the US. alnus) the tree, so it may help to know how the name was written in ancient times. Landvik - A former municipality in Norway. We have a wall unit and I have a scrap of the box it came to America in. I found him in Wisconsin in 1880. men in my family. How about the last name of Twito? Indexed church records from Norway. His grandfather was immigrating from the north of Norway Lofoten to the southern Sweden Skane, and then he changed his original surname Mensen into Mossum. They had two daughters and one son. I know that Gjengedal was the farm name, but I havent found anyone who knows what the name means, other than dal probably means valley. The Maehlum referred to the plot of land that the house was on. The family crest is a smaller part of the design that can be used on its own when the entire coat of arms is too complex. It is said that the name comes from a farm and a river in Norway, Is there such a place? My wife and I are going up the west coast of Norway this summer by ship. I wonder if they switched it. Haugen(14 346)16. For instance, if you go back more than two or three generations, problems quickly arise. The Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (Nasjonalmuseet) has been granted free access to roam Hagen's collection, a 2000-piece compilation of Nordic and Northern European . We were always told it was from the farm in Norway (I believe in the south). Family Crest Keychain. including Medemblik, Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Edam, and Monnikendam. Gedison is nowhere to be found. S. o. n and Shotwell, Ayres, Pike and Fletcher. I thought it would be on the list. Early immigrants include: We use cookies to enhance your personalized experience for ads, analytics, and more. Perhaps she was married before marriage to John Walker. Questions section before ordering. He was born in 1899. Any explanastion? Sjursaeter; or in norwegian: Sjurster, means Sjurs Shieling. Surviving parish registers are kept by the National Archives regional repositories (state archives). Amazing! It covers a number of subjects in detail. More information is included under the topic Early Hagen Notables in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. I know my family comes from the town Oma. Any ideas on the names origins? Henriksen Family Crest 24. The name was not changed when he arrived in America. For example, Schmidt smith or Fisker fisher. How do I figure which name to research? Any one with any information on place name or family name that sounds like walker or walka in Norwegian? Arms, we ask that you give us 2 to 4 weeks for those busy times of the Aker = ker (Corn field, wheat field, potato field), Very interesting site. I know that Thore Kristoffersen Barkve was born 1864 in Strand, Norway and died 1931 in Cylinder, Iowa, USA. There is a well known writer named Kjell Askildsen who Ive never met but looks a lot like My maternal grandmothers name is Hovde. My familys name was originally Modum changed to Thompson. Modum is a district in Buskerud County. I take it the s means married, and barn then lists the children born to them. The surname Hagen was first found in County Tyrone (Irish:Tr Eoghain), the ancient territory of the O'Neills, now in the Province of Ulster, central Northern Ireland, where they held a family seat from ancient times. Wagners depiction of Vikings gave the world a highly distorted image of the Norsemen. Or a reference to a seed sower? (Called Leavy). The second name, the patronymic (Greek for fathers name), is what most people associate with Nordic names today. I dont know the meaning. The different spellings are due to the non-consistent spelling rules in Norway in the 1700s and 1800s. The average life expectancy for Hagen in 1942 was 36, and 76 in 2004. Appears to be the same folks but I cant find a connection or commonality anywhere. I can trace her only to birth of her son John, 1831 in Brigus, Newfoundland. Fascinating! It was his mothers maiden name. The family came from Rogaland. Swedish (also Hagn): ornamental or topographic name from hage enclosed pasture in the definite singular form or formed with the adjectival suffix -n/-en a derivative of Latin -enius relating to. These Andreassen(12,100)19. Does anyone know anything about the name Ove? Typically, this will be the person in your family who originally came over. Course all my ancestors prior were sons and daughters of. This is one reason why outlining my family tree stalled somewhat a number of years ago. (The German version is Uwe). An encyclopedia of Norwegian farm names, developed in the early 20th century, can be digitally accessed here: tinyurl.com/farm-names. (Retrieved 2010, November 5), New Zealand Yesteryears Passenger Lists 1800 to 1900 (Retrieved 26th March 2019). I have a postcard with a picture on it of a hospital and it says Hov-i-land on it. Cookies Settings. Green Family Crest Wine Glasses. There were several different types of viking ship, the largest & strongest for long distance sea journeys, and smaller, more manoeuvrable flatter hulled boats for navigating rivers and shallower water conditions. Do you have suggestions/ideas about these and/or meanings? My great great grandfather name was Ole Andersson Sjurseater. . Hurrying, long lines of arrivals waiting, not understanding the pronunciation of a subjects name by that person, etc. The names are Melberg, which we believe to be from a farm in the Stavanger area, and Lund, which I thought was like Smith or Jones but I guess it isnt!!! Im not at all certain about my great-grandmothers name, but Ive seen Gundersen and Gilbertsen, as well as heard Gustafsen/Gustaffsen. He was also one of the founding fathers of the Norwegian Constitution from 1814 (https://www.stortinget.no/en/In-English/About-the-Storting/The-Constitution/). Do you have an inkling of how many churches were around Trondheim? The story in our family is that he was a sailor or cabin boy on a ship and got off on Maui island (jumped ship). my name is Ruud, 1st time I have seen that name on this site!! Im also looking for Bratten family out of Oslo. I was curious about the s.o.n ending. Irish Family Crest Flag with Coat of Arms. I wonder if you could tell me anything about my maiden name. Tracing your lineage is a fun and rewarding challenge that requires some basic knowledge of past centuries. Practically all farm names were derived from a defining geographical feature. The surname Hagen was first found in Holland, where the name became noted for its many branches in the region, each house acquiring a status and influence which was envied by the princes of the region. We host family-friendly events throughout the year celebrating Norway's rich . I would appreciate anything you can tell me. Is there any way I could find medical records of my fathers operation in Norway? Norwegian: habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads so named from the definite singular form of hage from Old Norse hagi enclosure. When he arrived in Minnesota, he changed his name to Reier Reierson. Is the last name Umsted related in any way? By the early 1900s, the old naming system was fading away due to industrial development and urbanization. Berg(18,080)15. There is a house on the coast, once owned by my great grandfather which is now owned by the chairman of the Pulitzer Prize committee! I have visited Norway and found the area called Skrudland outside of Byrne.. Stavanger is where a lot of the Norwegians we knew came from. Like everyone e else Interested in possible orgin of grandparents and great grandparents surname. could be from the occupation of a black smith, tin smith, and silver Olson and Sorensen also show up in the genealogy papers I have . Sign in here Tree Maker ask that you please read the "Frequently Tracing your family ancestry in Norway is a relatively straightforward affair, that is until you get to the pivotal year of 1923. Copyright 2001-2023 All Rights Reserved, The Tree Maker, PO Box 128, Cedar Hill, TN. Very hard to find anything on it but I know to be Danish. Linnea Nereim. What might the parish registers reveal? Surname Count1. The I am missing something, but dont know what and where else to look. Could Lade be a place where the family was from. Per capita, this number of emigrants is second only to Ireland. my norwegian family name was known as kro. From our family to you and yours stay safe and blessings to you all. I was recently given our familys ancestry research which goes as far back as the 1700s, early 1600s, but I havent had the heart to go through it yet. Last name is Anderson here in WI records but on a 1891 Norwegian census Ancestry is pulling in records with the last name Stende. [1] However, in Netherlands, the name Hagen is ranked the 353rd most popular surname with an estimated 4,424 people with that name. Asked Questions" section before ordering. In Gaelic, it comes from the patronymic surname O'Hogain or O'Hagain, meaning son of the youthful one. Is Bakken a hill associated with the area or is it a fami name? Most of these can be digitally accessed online: media.digitalarkivet.no/en/ A record covers a parish, its content ordered chronologically. or a Wedding and Anniversary gift. Its supposedly Norwegian but as stated in the article, tracing a family tree in Norway pre-1920s is very difficult. I have no idea where or when either was born or any other information about them. You are absolutely right on all counts. So a Danish family name like Christensen translates as son of Christen. I can find the farm on a Norwegian top map, Bakken is also indicated along with Skjenstad. Melhus. Another 96 words (7 lines of text) covering the years 1741, 1761, and 1803 are included under the topic Early Hagen History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. You can see how Hagen families moved over time by selecting different census years. So my last name is Wicks, believed to come from Vickse, also farm name Vik in Rogaland I think. Forebears, State Records of South Australia. has over 100 different coat-of-arms for that surname. My great grandfathers name was Ole Knutson as well , my great grandmother traced our ancestry back to Queen Elizabeth for me for a 6th grade Renaissance Fair. Norways next door neighbour abolished this type of practice a little earlier, in 1901. Jacobsen(11,906)20. Large-scale, organized Norwegian immigration began with the arrival of 53 Quakers from Stavanger in 1825, who settled by Lake Ontario. Id like to learn more about them too and I would appreciate it if anyone can help me. Swedish (also Hagn): ornamental or topographic name from hage 'enclosed pasture' in the definite singular form or formed with the adjectival suffix -n/-en a derivative of Latin -enius 'relating to'. You can find birthdates, death dates, addresses and more. View Census Data for Hagen | Data not to scale. Thank you. I too am an Overbye descendent and have heard a bit about the farm, however that story about the cows is very interesting! Ive never seen the name other than people who I know are my relatives. us and we'll take a look. Lets take an example and break it down: Peder Johnsen Berg, a typical Norwegian farmer of the 1800s. NameCensus.com. Before 1923, the countrys most common male surnames were those that ended in son or sen meaning son of. Is there any possibility that BRACK has Norwegian roots? Given names were normally of Northern European origin, often adjusted to suit local dialects. Only part of the tree yet to be expanded on. My great grandfather and grandmother came from Sweden there last name is Erickson can you help with what area that might be Thank you. Incidentally my mothers family name is Howden changed through misspelling and centuries from Hovden.
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