Tourist activities

Swimming in a Cenote
Bike Riding
Practicing Sports
Beach Walking
Resting on the beach
Walking Around The Town
Boat Tours
Observing WildLife
Cooking Tradicional Food
Living Local Tradition
Engaging Locals Communities
Learning Maya Lenguage
Tasting Local Food
Swimming with Dolphins
Swimming in the sea
Visiting Sian Ka'an Unesco Reserve

1 Camping
2 Learn from the Mayan culture
3 Learn about cocoa farming
4 Diving
5 Nature wellness
6 Walk through the Town
7 Walk on the Beach
8 Buy clothes and accessories
9 Buy typical foods
10 Buy furniture and decoration items
11 Hire excursions
12 Cooking traditional food
13 Celebrate weddings and events
14 Create craft products
15 Rest on beaches
16 Explore Caverns
17 Snorkeling
18 Making traditional drinks
19 Educate in Environmental Conservation
20 Educate in Animal Conservation
21 Educate in the appreciation of cultural heritage.
22 Play Golf
23 Play Softball
24 Swimming in the sea
25 Swimming in Lagoon
26 Swim in Cenote
27 Swim with Dolphins 28 Swimming with Turtles
29 Bird watching
30 Observe Animals in natural habitat
31 Stargazing
32 Observe the extraction of melipona honey
33 fishing
34 Boat ride
35 Riding a bike
36 Kayaking
37 Jeep ride
38 Ride a motorcycle 39 Participate in festivals and events
40 Taste the local gastronomy
41 playing sports
42 practicing yoga
43 Practice Kitesurfing 44 Receive beauty treatments
45 Visit Archaeological Sites
46 Live the Mayan traditions
47 Visit Mayan communities